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Financial Aid and Emergency Resources

For info on types of aid available, including grants, loans, and other assistance, contact Financial Aid at 979-845-3236. If you have lost funding or incurred unexpected expenses for something related to COVID-19, we encourage you to review available University resources. Students facing financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis can apply for emergency financial assistance. Please detail the reason for your request. Financial Aid also offers other types of assistance, including grants for domestic and international students that are awarded based on need. If you are applying due to extenuating circumstances, make sure to include that information in your application. Additionally, the Graduate and Professional School, colleges, and departments share a joint commitment to find solutions for students whose academic progress has been impeded by COVID-19 or university actions taken in response to the pandemic.
Recognizing that we are still in a period of uncertainty, but working to enhance student support moving forward, Colleges and the Graduate and Professional School agree to:
• Actively foster flexibility, borne out of a spirit of understanding and compassion for students
• Examine each student’s situation individually, considering all relevant factors that may have impeded progress to degree
• Understand that non-academic factors (financial insecurity, travel restrictions, connectivity issues, family pressures, stress) may have impeded progress to degree
• Communicate with transparency and openness
• Recognize that impacts of the pandemic will likely extend into future semesters

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