Humanities Cluster -- Diversifying Career Paths for Humanities PhDs

The Texas A&M Humanities Cluster is a partnership between the university and the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) to provide grant funding that encourages creative thinking and programming to promote career diversity for PhDs in the humanities.  

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Funding Options

The Cluster offers two funding opportunities for students and faculty.  

Professionals-in-Residence Support

We will provide awards to support visits by Professionals-in-Residence, who can offer workshops and individual mentoring opportunities for current students.


These grants will provide up to $5,000 to support students who accept unpaid or low-paid public service internships. Grantees will be working in one of two areas: grant-writing and resource development or building professional networks. Texas A&M will focus on building professional networks by connecting faculty and administrators from across campus to initiate career conversations and explore opportunities for Ph.D. students in the humanities through workshops, professionals-in-residence programs, and internships. Texas A&M is particularly committed to helping students identify and establish careers where they can put their extensive research-based skills to work serve the public interest.

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Students who earn humanities PhDs have developed research skills that can be assets in all kinds of fields, from business to the non-profit sector to government and public service positions.
Dr. Adam Seipp
Associate Dean Texas A&M Graduate and Professional School, Professor of History, and co-director of the project

Steering Committee

  • Dr. Karen Butler-Purry, Graduate and Professional School (co-director)
  • Dr. Adam Seipp, Graduate and Professional School (co-director)
  • Dr. Maria Escobar-Lemmon (College of Liberal Arts)
  • Dr. Emily Johansen (Department of English)
  • Dr. Martin Peterson (Department of Philosophy)
  • Dr. Roger Reese (Department of History)
  • Ashley Vance (Department of History – Graduate Student Fellow)
  • Dr. Shannon Walton (Graduate and Professional School)
  • Marilyn Yeager (Career Center)

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