Understanding Ph.D. Career Pathways for Program Improvement

Texas A&M University is one of 29 funded universities and 18 affiliated partners selected to participate in a multi-year project—called Understanding Ph.D. Career Pathways for Program Improvement --to better understand and support the career pathways of Ph.D. students.

How CGS Career Pathways Work

Each fall during the duration of the study, the Graduate and Professional School surveys three cohorts of Ph.D. students who graduated three, eight, and 15 years prior. In the spring, we survey two cohorts of current Ph.D. students in their second and fifth year of study. The data collected will provide meaningful insight into the career pathways of Ph.D. alumni, as well as career aspirations of current Ph.D. students, and will then be used to target program improvement efforts both at Texas A&M and across the nation. The Council of Graduate Schools, a national nonprofit research organization, leads the project with support from the National Science Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Why Texas A&M

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