Coalition for Next Generation Life Science (CNGLS)

Texas A&M University is proud to be a member of the Coalition for Next Generation Life Science (CNGLS). Coalition members commit to collecting and publicly sharing data to increase transparency and, thus, improve training outcomes for the next generation of scientists around the world and to diversify the life sciences by enhancing recruitment and retention efforts. 

Coalition for Next Generation Life Sciences

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Texas A&M University at Qatar - PhD Students Win Shell.AI Hackathon For Sustainable and Affordable Energy

Texas A&M University doctoral students Mohammed Lameh & Marcello Di Martino took the top prize in the university category at the Hackathon for Sustainable and Affordable Energy.

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An Interview Series - First-Generation College Graduates

For anybody struggling with the uncertainties of being a first-generation college student, here are three interviews from people who deviated from their families to take on all the risk yet reap all the rewards. "It doesn’t matter when you start or when you finish. It just matters that you finish. Set your goals and keep your eyes on them. Don’t let anybody stop you."

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Defense Announcement

Computational Modeling of Static Biological Data to Analyze Structural Conformation and Dynamics

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