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Blog 23: Why Boba/Bubble Tea Matters and My Top 5 Place(s) to Get Some in Aggieland teaser image

Blog 23: Why Boba/Bubble Tea Matters and My Top 5 Place(s) to Get Some in Aggieland

By Gogoal Falia

Boba/Bubble Tea has seen phenomenal success in the US and across the world for quite some time now. From its humble origins in Taiwan in the 1990s, immigration brought this sweet delight to the masses across oceans and continents. The first time I was introduced to Boba Tea was in Dublin, Ireland by a close Californian friend of mine. To my pleasant surprise, the moment I tried it, I found myself engulfed in the delicious flavor of the tea and the texture of the tapioca pearls, also called boba. Etymologically, boba tea means tea with tapioca pearls. However, as the popularity grew, the experiments with the pearls did as well. Thus, there are tapioca boba, popping boba, and toppings like red bean, etc. Among other things, my time in Aggieland has been spent finding and trying the best boba tea that this great town has to offer. And the article today will provide you with a list of my favorite places to try Boba Tea.

1. Good Luck Good Time Tea
2. Kung Fu Tea
3. BonAppe Tea
4. Sharetea
5. Koala Bakery & Café

Let me elaborate on these five chosen Boba Tea locations. This list is based on my personal experience with boba tea and is not ranked in any particular order. I would highly recommend y’all to try them all and use this list as a guide, and not gospel.

Good Luck Good Time Tea: This cozy place located on Texas Avenue has my favorite, Rose Milk Tea. Not only affordable, but it also has some great snacking options, including edamame, dumplings, bulgogi, chicken wings, among other things. Couches, games, food, and boba tea, this place has a lot going on for it. Lastly, parking is a breeze. However, I have noticed curtailed summer hours, so, if you are a graduate student spending your summer in Aggieland, I would recommend dropping them a message on their Facebook page to confirm their hours of operation.

Kung Fu Tea: This place has a similar vibe to Good Luck, but I find the prices a tad on the higher side. Also, it felt less cozy to me. Nevertheless, their coconut milk tea is one of my favorites and I always make sure I get it from Kung Fu Tea. Parking is a breeze and has never been an issue.

BonAppe Tea: This endearing joint has a lot going for it, including an affordable menu, and snack options including bulgogi, teriyaki, chargrilled BBQ pork, and a lemongrass tofu option. Further, it is a good spot for working on those springtime assignments. This place also has my favorite Rose Milk Tea, but here I usually opt for their Matcha Milk Tea. It is worth the extra 25c. However, parking can be a painful experience, especially during rush hour. My recommendation is to visit this place at midday.

Sharetea: Among the five places on the list, Sharetea has the most commercial, Starbucks-like feel for me. It is a modern, sleek place with a great atmosphere, located in the center of the city, very close to the North Gate area. Their seasonal drinks are often quite creative and can be something worth trying. For me, however, I prefer their Thai Pearl Milk Tea. It's delicious! In terms of drawbacks, their prices are on the higher side, and parking is tough, especially if you don’t want to use paid parking.

Koala Bakery & Café: The newest on the list, this place in Bryan has a lot to offer. Along with their boba teas, they have a great assortment of desserts, baked goods, and snacks. They also make a coffee milk tea which seemed fascinating to me; however, I haven’t been able to muster the courage to try it yet. Instead, I opted for the Pink Rose Tea, which tasted just like my favorite Rose Milk Tea. It is fairly priced, and I also ended up trying a couple of their bread bites which left a lot to be desired. As for the drawbacks, I would say it can be a bit of a drive to Bryan just for some Boba Tea, given there are other options. Nevertheless, I would recommend this place for the desserts which seemed good, and I will be trying them next time I am in Bryan.

As I conclude, I must acknowledge that Boba Tea is happiness in a cup for me, and I hope this blog will give to the motivation to try one of Taiwan’s greatest gifts to the world

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Gogoal Falia

Gogoal Falia is a third-year doctoral student from Port Blair, India. He is studying in the Department of Health Policy and Management in the School of Public Health. His research aims to understand the impact of climate change on public health. His interests include health disparities, access to care, & rural hospital closures. In his free time, he enjoys reading & writing poetry, competitive shooting, & biking. He hopes to share his passions for student politics & activism through his writing.

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