January 2020

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Are you a new or perspective international teaching assistant? Do you often have uncertainties about how to do better as an effective educator in the classroom? Are you worried about the amount of preparation, course material drafting, and talking in the classroom while studying for your own degree using English as a second language? The good news is – we got you covered!
The Center for Teaching Excellence and the College of Liberal Arts are co-hosting a lunch series called LAITA (Liberal Arts International Teaching Assistants) for international TAs (seat preference will be given to students in Liberal Arts, but all are welcomed to register and join). Spring 2020 will be our fourth semester and we prepared great content for you! The group meet for lunch on-campus from 11:15 to 12:15 once every month to discuss common issues and concerns regarding teaching in the American classroom. It is a safe environment for international TAs to learn, listen, share, and support each other. Faculty members and experienced TAs will come share their expertise and advise with the group. Topics that will be covered in this semester’s meetings include how to balance teaching with other responsibilities, stress management, and public speaking.
If you are interested in participating in this lunch series, please see the time and date, and register at:
Tuesday February 4: u.tamu.edu/LAITA0204
Tuesday March 3: u.tamu.edu/LAITA0303
Tuesday April 14: u.tamu.edu/LAITA0414

---Mingqian Liu
Mingqian Liu is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Department of Architecture

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