April 2018

Greek Life Actually Prepared Us For Grad School  teaser image
Sororities and fraternities are a staple item of debate on many college campuses. There have been incidents in the news where these student groups have participated in disrespectful or dangerous activities. Some groups have a reputation for bad behavior. Other groups are prone to trouble with campus officials. But overall, these organizations provide meaningful preparation for students who enter the work force – and students who pursue more advanced academic degrees.
I asked my friends and classmates to help me answer this question. Here are the responses we came up with.
Greek life has prepared me to deal with different kinds of people.
I now know the importance of reputation management, especially professional reputation management.
I have the skills to work in groups with many different people.
Greek life taught me how to delegate and not micro-manage others.
I definitely learned how to work with multiple different personalities.
Greek life taught me how to network – it is such an important skill.
I now know how to prioritize – I learned how to manage my time and prioritize my goals.
I learned how to focus on my relationships, wellness and mental health beyond the classroom.
Greek life helped me build a community and taught me how to build communities in the future.
As you can see, Greek life is more than glitter and loving your Big. It prepares undergraduate students for their careers and advanced degrees.
Thanks to Taylor, Elizabeth, Caroline and Chris for your help with this blog post!

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