March 2019

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Have you been using your student ID benefits to the largest extent? How many times have you worked out this week on top of your busy study and research schedule? Do you know that for a very reasonable charge, the REC offers group exercise classes where you can work out with fellow Aggies and keep up with your fitness goals?
Although I’ve been in Aggieland for several years, this semester is the first time I purchased a group exercise pass at the REC. If you don’t know what they offer and want to take a look at the class content and schedule first, go to: There are so many benefits of getting into group exercise class. First, you don’t need to worry about the level of skills, because they are open to everyone from beginners to advanced level. The instructors are so nice and patient, and will explain all the moves for you. I’ve tried so many different types of classes that I haven’t even heard of before and my sore back felt much better after a good workout. Also, I think the group exercise classes motivated me to go to the REC even more, because I wasn’t working out alone. I know that there would be so many students working hard with me, and they help to beat my laziness most of the time. So if you need some inspiration and encouragement too, please do consider coming to the group exercise class!
You can check out the classes at the REC membership desk. Usually at the beginning of the semester, the pass will be on sale. However, if you want to join, it’s never to late! The REC also offers some free days for their class, so keep an eye for their calendar. The point is, we all are busy, but we all should find sometime to move around and be fit!

--- Mingqian Liu
Mingqian Liu is a Doctoral student in the College of Architecture

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