Graduate Advisors

Graduate Advisors

Graduate Advisors are essential to the success of Texas A&M University’s graduate and professional students. Your insight and guidance help students stay on track to meet their academic goals and complete their programs on time. The Graduate and Professional School wants to make it easy for you to help your students excel.

Expectations for Graduate Study

The major goals of graduate and professional education at Texas A&M include instilling in each student an understanding of and a capacity for scholarship, independent judgment, academic rigor and intellectual honesty. Faculty and graduate students have a shared obligation to work together to foster these goals through relationships that advance freedom of inquiry, demonstrate individual and professional integrity, and encourage common respect.

Excellence in graduate education is achieved when faculty and students are inspired, have the academic and professional backgrounds essential to function at the highest level and are genuine in their mutual desire to see one another succeed.

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Graduate Advisor Guide

Find all the information you need to know to support students as a Graduate Advisor. Content is updated periodically so you have the most current information at your fingertips.



Are course fees included in the the Mandate to Cover Tuition and Fees for PHD GATS, GARS, an GALS?
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Degree Completion Information

Your Role In Degree Completion

As an advisor, you’ll work with your student’s graduate committee to guide and track their progress toward degree completion. You should give your student direction for developmental and learning goals and periodically evaluate their academic performance, connecting them with appropriate support resources when necessary.

Master's Degree Requirements

Doctoral Degree Requirements

Degree Completion Tools for Advisors


Your student should use the Document Processing Submission System (DPSS) to submit their official degree plan, which will be informed by discussions with you and their graduate committee.



Graduate and Professional Studies uses DocuSign for a number of forms, including the Request for Exemption from the Final Examination.

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Doctoral Student Feedback and Profile

To support the progress and success of doctoral students, faculty chairs and doctoral students utilize the doctoral feedback and profile system to facilitate discussions on a student's current year's progress and next year's goals.

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Recognizing and Funding Excellence

Fellowships and Awards

Graduate and Professional School staff work with departments across Texas A&M, such as Business Services, Research Services and Financial Aid, to administer fellowship funds, often via monthly stipends. We also work with Benefit Services to facilitate benefit reimbursements.

Meet our funding & administration team


Previously known as the Graduate Diversity Excellence Fellowship, the Dr. Dionel Avilés ’53 and Dr. James Johnson ’67 Fellowship Program seeks to increase the diversity of the graduate student population at Texas A&M University. The program is named for Dr. Dionel Aviles and Dr. James Johnson, who became the first Hispanic-American and African-American, respectively, to earn a PhD at Texas A&M University. It aims to support the development of high-achieving scholars who show promise for distinguished careers and whose life, research experiences and/or employment background will contribute significantly to academic excellence at Texas A&M and will maximize the educational benefits of diversity for all students.


Pathways to the Doctorate Fellowship

The Pathways to the Doctorate Fellowship Program represents a partnership between the Graduate and Professional School and Texas A&M faculty members. The goals of the Pathways to the Doctorate Fellowship Program are to recruit into and graduate from Texas A&M doctoral programs high-quality and diverse students who received their baccalaureate degrees from Texas A&M System institutions.



Explore opportunities for you students such as Conference Presentations, Professional Development Fellowships, Graduate Student Organization and Professional Development Awards.

Explore more funding opportunities
Aggie Voice

Being a Reporter at My First Conference

Back in November 2018, during my application process to join the science and technology journalism program here at Texas A@M, the program coordinator forwarded me an email about an interesting opportunity. The application was for a travel fellowship to Washington D.C. The fellowship was offered by the National Association of Science Writers (NASW) to attend the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting. The fellowship included travel money, an opportunity to cover a session, and a mentorship program. @

Professional Development and Training Opportunities

Teaching resources for students & faculty

Are your students interested in becoming graduate teaching assistants? Or do you want to add some new skills to your own teaching toolkit? Texas A&M has plenty of resources to help graduate and professional students, faculty and staff create exceptional classroom experiences.


Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning

Graduate students who are interested in becoming faculty members and strengthening their graduate assistantship teaching skills will find many useful resources through CIRTL.

Learn about cirtl


Grad Student Professional Development in Teaching

Faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students can find evidence-based professional development opportunities through CTE.

Learn about cte


Teaching Assistant Training and Evaluation Program

TATEP is intended to improve undergraduate teaching and enhance the classroom experiences of Graduate Teaching Assistants.


G.R.A.D. Aggies Professional Development Program

Students can earn certificates to include on their resumes or CVs and prepare for professional life after graduate school. They’ll grow their skills and networks by engaging with workshops, seminars, training events and other online resources.


Additional Academic Success Resources

Advisors like you have a big job to do — but helping graduate and professional students meet their academic and professional goals isn’t something you have to do alone. The Graduate and Professional School offers a variety of services to support your students’ success.

Mentoring: IDPs and Ph.D. Feedback

Connect students with mentors who are dedicated to their success can make a significant impact on outcomes.

Mentoring Resources

Writing Center

Learn how the writing center can help graduate students hone their academic writing and public speaking skills.

Writing Center

Thesis & Dissertation Support

Find tips for formatting a thesis or dissertation, incorporating research, printing pointers and much more.


Holistic Student Support

Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources

Texas A&M want students to be able to bring their best selves to their graduate and professional studies. That’s why we offer comprehensive wellbeing support, acknowledging that mental and physical health are essential to academic success.

Discover wellbeing resources

Conflict Resolution & Ombuds Services

The Graduate Ombuds Office advocates for the fair processes of graduate education and provides equal, open access to all parties: graduate and professional students, staff, faculty and administrators. We provide a neutral view to help mediate and resolve conflicts of all kinds.

Find Conflict Resolution Support

Resources supporting Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity represents an indispensable component of academic excellence. Texas A&M hosts a range of resources to attract and support students from historically underrepresented populations.

Find diversity & inclusion resources

International Student Services

The ISS website has helpful information about immigration regulations, funding opportunities, health insurance and other resources for international graduate and professional students.

Visit International Student Services

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