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Request a hearing before the Graduate Academic Appeals Panel

The Graduate Academic Appeals Panel (GAAP) hears appeals that involve disciplinary actions stemming from the following:

  • disputes over an unauthorized absence determination or final grades
  • disputes over evaluation of performance on examinations required by the department, intercollegiate faculty or graduate advisory committee
  • disputes over probation, suspension, dismissal, or termination from a department, interdisciplinary degree program, and/or college for scholastic deficiency.
Students have the option to appeal when alleging that an arbitrary, capricious or prejudiced evaluation occurred. Appeals regarding departmental, intercollegiate faculty, or Graduate and Professional School requirements do not qualify for a GAAP hearing. Appeals should be filed no later than ten (10) university business days after receiving the dean's (or designee's) letter, as specified in Student Rule 59.6.

The act of filing the GAAP Form to Request a Hearing to the Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies represents authorization for all Graduate Academic Appeals Panel members to receive full access to the student’s Appeal Summary File.

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