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Academic Common Market Information

The purpose of the Academic Common Market (ACM) is to share specified academic degree programs between states located at southern public colleges and universities. This is accomplished through an exchange of students across borders at in-state rates. The motivation for this cooperation continues to be:

  1. Eliminating unnecessary duplication among the states, in that it is impractical for any institution or single state to develop or maintain degree programs in every field of knowledge,
  2. To support existing degree programs that have the capacity to serve additional students, and
  3. To provide access and encourage movement across state lines for programs not available in a student’s home state.


ACM Overview

  1. Be a resident of one of 15 participating SREB states.
  2. Student learns of the ACM and makes contact with SREB or state coordinator to determine eligible programs. Please note that Texas participates in the ACM only at the graduate level (masters, doctoral, and related degrees) for both in-state and out-of-state students.
  3. Student applies for and is accepted to an ACM-approved program.
  4. Student applies for certification of residency through their home state coordinator.
  5. State coordinator certifies student and notifies institution.
  6. Institution grants in-state status or waiver for out-of-state fees.


Texas Residents

Texas residents looking to study out of state, the first step is to confirm that a comparable program at the same degree level is not already offered at a Texas public university. Visit this site to search for degree programs in Texas:

For specific questions about Texas participation, send an email to or call Jessica Acton at (512) 427-6214.

Residents of Other Participating States

Residents looking to study at Texas A&M, should contact the ACM coordinator at student’s home institution or home state. The contact information for each participating state can be found on the SREB web site.
Once, the student is approved, the Texas State Coordinator will communicate with the Texas A&M ACM Coordinator who arranges with the appropriate institution officials. A detailed list of approved TAMU programs, concentrations, and eligible states is available at SREB Website.  A summary of the approved TAMU programs is given below.

ACM list of approved Texas A&M University programs

  • Master of Science in Animal Breeding
  • Master of Arts in Anthropology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology
  • Master of Arts Conservation Archaeology in Anthropology
  • Master of Arts Nautical Archaeology in Anthropology
  • Doctor of Philosophy Nautical Archaeology in Anthropology
  • Master of Architecture in Architecture
  • Master of Science in Architecture
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Geography
  • Master of Science in Geophysics
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Geophysics
  • Master of Science in Land Development
  • Master of Engineering in Nuclear Engineering
  • Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nuclear Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Ocean Engineering
  • Master of Science in Ocean Engineering 
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Ocean Engineering
  • Master of Science in Oceanography
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Oceanography
  • Master of Marine Resources Management in Marine Resources Management
  • Master of Science in Master of Real Estate Program
  • Master of Science in Athletic Training
  • Doctor of Philosophy Educational Technology in Education Psychology: Learning Sciences
  • Master of Health Administration in Health Policy and Management
  • Master of Urban Planning in Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Master of Wildlife Science in Wildlife Science

Academic Common Market Electronic Campus Program

The ACM/EC enables students to pursue eligible degree programs via distance or e-learning without leaving their home state, work and other commitments.

ACM/ED Overview

Residents of 15 SREB states may participate in the SREB Academic Common Market Electronic Campus program. States and students alike enjoy significant savings. States do not have to provide costly, specialized programs that are available to their residents through initiative, and students who enroll in other states’ programs do not have to pay the higher out-of-state tuition rates.

Academic Common Market Electronic Campus waivers of out-of-state tuition are available only if certain conditions are met:
  • No public college or university in the student’s home state (state of residence) offers a degree program in his or her chosen field of study.
  • The program is available in another SREB state that participates in the ACM/EC.
  • The program is available through distance learning.
  • The student meets admissions requirements of the college or university that offers the program.
  • The student is certified as a resident of his or her home state.
View online programs available to residents in your state.
The approval process is the same as stated above for ACM.

ACM/EC list of approved Texas A&M University Programs:

  • Graduate Certificate in Advanced International Affairs
  • Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security
  • Graduate Certificate in Statistics
  • Master of Engineering in Petroleum Engineering

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