November 2022

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Blog 18: Thankful this Thanksgiving, for a Gently Fleeting Term

Gogoal Falia

It feels like winter now. As the temperature dips here in Aggieland, one can’t help but notice how eager we all are to plan out the upcoming thanksgiving week. Not only that, but in the subsequent few weeks, we’ll bid adieu to this fall term, and leave the memories of a hectic term behind us. While I hope and wish for your success dear reader, nevertheless, sometimes things might not turn out to be as you wanted. Perhaps you will end up with a B on a beloved course or have undergone some personal tragedy. In a world filled with joy, there is as much sorrow, and if you have suffered through them these past few months, I feel your agony, and your pain, my friend. You have learned about me through my words on this delightful forum, and I sincerely hope my words have given you happiness and peace, and a window into my life and soul. Yet, I do not know you. For every sentence I let out into this wide space of almost nothingness, I wonder if I have made a difference in your lives. I may not know who you are, but I am cheering for your success, and I am shedding tears for your pain.

Amidst all the turmoil we face, it is important to be thankful for those who have, for those you’ve lost, and for those lessons you have learned. Thus, even though the day of thanksgiving might be intriguing for those who aren’t from the US, it certainly is pertinent irrespective of where you are from and where you might one day be. Take a day to rest, remember, and accept what has been given to you, by those you love- be it family, friends, colleagues, or just your neighbors. I highly recommend taking your time off this thanksgiving. For my part, I too am looking forward to the festivities. I am partaking in a Thanksgiving Potluck Celebration with my colleagues and friends. Given many of us are internationals, I can’t wait to explore the various delicacies at the potluck. As for my contribution, I am bringing a traditional Bengali/Indian dessert called Payesh. I hope it brings sweetness to the lives of everyone I have touched this term and those who have been pivotal to my Aggieland journey.

A time of celebration is a time of loneliness. Many of you are away from your homeland, some are struggling with personal, professional, or academic lives, while others are just trying to keep their heads above the water. There are many demons we fight each day, and I am proud of your struggles and your triumphs, dear reader. Even if you didn’t win the battle today, fret not! You shall win the war. You have us, your Aggie family, and you have your loved ones. I am aware of these challenges, and the distances, and believe me, it is tough. But, together, we will bask in the glorious sunlit days of spring. I promise you that.

As I conclude my blog today, I would ask you to make a short list of people, and things, you have been thankful for this year. Call a loved one, call an estranged friend, buy a plant, donate to a cause, hug a loved one, and do what it takes for you to spread the love, and absorb the warmth this festive season. Lastly, dear reader, if you need a friend and an ally, you shall always find me through my email:

Have a joyous Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

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Gogoal Falia

Gogoal Falia is a third-year doctoral student from Port Blair, India. He is studying in the Department of Health Policy and Management in the School of Public Health. His research aims to understand the impact of climate change on public health. His interests include health disparities, access to care, & rural hospital closures. In his free time, he enjoys reading & writing poetry, competitive shooting, & biking. He hopes to share his passions for student politics & activism through his writing.

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