February 2024

Lines to Curves: 22nd Annual Mathematics and Statistics Fair teaser image

Lines to Curves: 22nd Annual Mathematics and Statistics Fair

By Ayushri Jain

In the busy Mitchell Physics Building, during the annual Mathematics and Statistics Fair at Texas A&M University, something special was going on. Lines weren’t just marks on paper anymore. They became paths to uncovering secrets about curves that reflect the ups and downs of life. As a volunteer in the line art section, I joined eager minds in exploring hyperbolic tangent curves. Each stroke of the pen was not just a line; it was shaping mathematical beauty, creating curves that mirrored the world’s complexities.

But beyond just numbers and pictures, our efforts had a deeper meaning. When we drew these curves, we were not just copying math stuff; we were capturing the essence of life’s ups and downs – like surprises, tough choices, and slow progress. Just like those curves that start from a point and grow, our lives also change and develop. We face challenges, beat obstacles, and celebrate victories, just like each curve we drew represented. In a world that often seems defined by straight lines and rigid structures, my experience at the Mathematics and Statistics Fair reminded me that life’s journey is anything but linear. It is a tapestry of curves and contours, each one unique and beautiful in its own right.

The fair had a lot more than just drawing lines. Everywhere you looked, there were cool things to see and do. There were balloon figures that showed off math ideas, like shapes and numbers. They floated above everyone’s heads, catching the eye of curious people. Tables were decorated with origami art, showing how math is in everything, even in folding paper. And there were puzzles everywhere! They came in all kinds of shapes and sizes, testing people’s brains. From old favorites to new challenges, there was something for everyone to enjoy and learn from. Each puzzle reminded us how math makes us think in creative ways.

When it came time to bid farewell to another successful fair, I found myself reflecting not only on the mathematical concepts I had encountered but also on the profound sense of community and the friendly atmosphere that filled the event. As I look back on my time at the Mathematics and Statistics Fair, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of such an inspiring and transformative event. In a world often defined by its divisions and differences, the fair served as a reminder of the universal language of mathematics, bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds in a shared celebration of curiosity, discovery, and wonder.

About the Author

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Ayushri Jain

Ayushri is a master’s student at the College of Engineering studying Computer Science. Originally from Indore, India, she enjoys sharing her culture and street food with others. She aims to use the potential of technology/software to change industries and lives for the better. Passionate about working in a team and helping others, she hopes to become a culturally competent professional in her future. In her spare time, Ayushri enjoys participating in competitions, music, and arts and crafts.

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