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Document Processing Submission System (DPSS)

The Document Processing Submission System (DPSS) is the primary location for students, staff, and faculty to submit, review, and approve graduate degree plans and related documents. The degree plan defines the coursework goals and the committee for a graduate degree. The degree plan should be submitted before the semester that a student plans to graduate.

The degree plan can be edited after submission via petition, also found in DPSS.

The following documents are submitted through DPSS:

  • Degree Plan
  • Committee Change Long Form Petition
  • Coursework Change Long Form Petition
  • Time Limits Long Form Petition
  • Waiver and Exception Long Form Petition
    • Requesting a Leave of Absence
    • Waive the Residency Requirement
    • Unmark Research Courses Applied to Previous Degree That Were Not on the Previous Degree Plan
    • Register for Excess Hours in a Semester
    • Exceeding Hour Limits for Certain Courses
  • Change in Major, Degree, or Department (MDD) Petition

Students who experience problems using DPSS may contact for assistance.

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