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U.S. Senator Phil Gramm Doctoral Fellowship Information

The U.S. Senator Phil Gramm Doctoral Fellowship Award, available only to currently enrolled doctoral students at Texas A&M University, recognizes scholarly excellence. This fellowship was established to promote, encourage, and reward outstanding teaching and research by doctoral students whose command of their respective disciplines exemplifies the meaning of scholar/mentor in the highest sense. 

About the Award

The awardee will receive a:

  • personalized award plaque

  • fellowship in the amount of $5000 (credited to recipient's TAMU student account) in fall 2024.



  1. The nominee must, at the time of nomination and receipt of award, be an enrolled doctoral student in good standing with the University.

  2. The nominee must have at least 1 year remaining in doctoral studies. (i.e., graduating in or after spring 2025).

  3. The nominee must be admitted into candidacy by July 8, 2024.

  4. The nominee must have delivered classroom/laboratory instruction or recitation on at least a half-time basis for two semesters or summer sessions (10 weeks) during his or her doctoral enrollment at Texas A&M University or must be completing the second semester of classroom/laboratory instruction or recitation at the time of nomination of the award.

  5. The nominee must have been responsible for assigning grades for course or laboratory assignments.

  6. The student’s approved dissertation research proposal should be on file in the Graduate and Professional School.

  7. The student should have completed a substantial portion of his/her research at the time of nomination, and the research should be considered of highest quality in the nominee’s field of study and have an outstanding command of the discipline. 

  8. The nominee should represent excellence in college-level teaching and research; have outstanding mentoring and pedagogical skills; and have a reputation for ethical behavior and methodologies in all aspects of scholarly life.

  9. The nominee must have a cumulative graduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

  10. Previous nominees may be nominated again, but prior awardees may not be re-nominated.

  11. The nominee must not be a full-time member of the Texas A&M University faculty or staff at the time of nomination.


Required Information to Be Submitted to the College/School Level by the Nominating Department

Departments/programs are invited to submit nominations to their college/school graduate (GOC) dean by July 8, 2024, via InfoReady. Submitted nominations will automatically be pushed to each GOC dean for review.

Each nomination packet should include the following information (in the following order):

  1. A cover sheet (first page of the nomination packet) that includes:

    • Title stating: 2024 U.S. Senator Phil Gramm Doctoral Fellowship Award

    • Full name of student, student’s email, UIN and student’s current address

    • Name of nominator, department, college/school, and nominator’s email

  2. A letter of nomination, summarizing the student’s qualifications and why this student should be selected for the award (2 pages maximum).

  3. Personal, academic and career information about the nominee, such as a curriculum vitae or resume. (3 pages maximum).

  4. Letters of support regarding the nominee's teaching and research abilities by the faculty members of the nominating department, peers of the nominee, and students previously taught by the nominee at Texas A&M University. Submit no more than two letters of support in each of the preceding categories (faculty, peers, and students previously taught). Max number of letters allowed is six. Two pages max per letter. 

  5. The student’s specific research, teaching and scholastic achievements should include some or all the following (5 pages maximum):

    • Information in support of the nominee’s teaching abilities, including, but not limited to, courses taught, number of students enrolled, type of preparation required for teaching courses or recitation, course evaluations, and grade distributions.

    • Academic awards, scholarships, fellowships, or other scholarly recognition since becoming a graduate student.

    • Presentations at local, state, national or international meetings of professional societies or topical conferences. Please do not include manuscripts (identify meeting or conference, title of presentation, place, date, and role played by student).

    • Printed or submitted publications. Please do not include manuscripts (document those accepted but not yet published). List a complete bibliographic citation with authors in the published order.

    • Other research-related, scholarly, creative or innovative activities (techniques, devices or concepts developed; grant proposals written; etc.).


Nomination Submission Process and Deadline for the College/School

Each college/school will review submitted departmental nominations, select the top four (4) students, and approve these four (4) nominations to the Graduate and Professional School via InfoReady by Monday, July 15, 2024, for the final selection. There will be NO exceptions to this date or time. The InfoReady Application will be available early-June 2024. Please check back again at a later time.   

A selection committee will evaluate and choose recipients of the U.S. Senator Phil Gramm Doctoral Fellowship. Announcements of the 2024 Gramm Fellows will occur in September 2024. Fellowship recipients will be recognized and receive their awards at a ceremony in Fall 2024.

Please check back again at a later time

Instructions on how to submit nominations via InfoReady

For general questions about the U.S. Senator Phil Gramm Doctoral Fellowship requirements, please email:

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