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Please Note: Students who are attempting to hold an exam between semesters must be registered in the semester immediately preceding the exam in order to be eligible to take the exam. A department and/or college may have requirements in addition to the University. International students should consult with International Student and Scholar Services regarding additional registration requirements.

Doctoral Students

Doctoral students must be registered during the semester they take any part of the preliminary examination and the final examination.

Master's Students

Master’s thesis option students must be registered during the semester they take the final examination.
Master’s non-thesis students are not required by the Graduate and Professional School to be registered during the semester of their final examination if all course work on the degree plan has been completed.

How can I be exempted from the final exam?

Thesis option candidates may request to be exempt from their final examination if the degree plan GPA is 3.500 or greater and they have approval of the advisory committee, the head of the student’s department, and the Graduate and Professional School. The Request for Exemption from the Final Examination should be submitted through DocuSign the same semester you submit the thesis.

How do I change my final exam date or cancel the exam after the request has been submitted?

Your Committee Chair or departmental Staff Graduate Advisor can contact the Graduate and Professional School to request that the exam be rescheduled or indicate that the exam has been cancelled. If cancelled, a new Request for the Final Examination will need to be submitted through DocuSign.

How do I know if the results of my final exam have been received by Graduate & Professional School?

Once your exam has been processed, the results will be indicated in the degree evaluation in Howdy under Program Non-Course Requirements.

How do I schedule my preliminary examination?

Review the Preliminary Exam Checklist to verify that you have met all the Doctoral Degree Requirements and are thus eligible to take the examination. If you are eligible, coordinate with your committee and committee Chair to schedule the examination. Upon completion, submit the Preliminary Checklist and Report  (The report is electronically signed by all committee members and the Checklist is electroncially signed by the Chair and Department Head) to the Graduate & Professional School within 10 working days.

I am scheduled to hold my final exam/defense, but how do I get the Report for Final Exam form?

You are not responsible for obtaining the report for final exam. Once your final examination request has been approved, the Graduate and Professional School generates the Report of the Final Examination through DocuSign and sends it to your Staff Graduate Advisor and committee. It is the department’s responsibility to ensure that this form is signed and returned to Graduate and Professional School within 10 business days from the exam date.

When can I schedule my final exam?

The final examination will not be authorized for any doctoral student who has not been admitted to candidacy and whose proposal has not been approved. If you’re unsure about the status of these requirements, you can run a degree evaluation in Howdy and check under the additional information section of the report. In addition, consult the catalog regarding the final examination requirements for Master’s and Doctoral candidates. After coordinating with your committee and committee chair, submit a completed Request and Announcement of Final Exam to Graduate & Professional School.

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