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Doctoral Student Profile and Feedback System Instructions for Faculty

The Doctoral Feedback and Profile System is a flexible, student and faculty-friendly engine for collecting and reviewing doctoral students’ activities related to degree progress, such as research and teaching activities, publications, professional development, awards and more. This easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain system gives students and their faculty committee members an all-in-one platform for conducting annual reviews of students’ progress toward degree in a way that is transparent and instructive for students.

To implement the Doctoral Student Feedback and Profile System campus-wide, we are asking for the support of faculty. The Interfolio-based system – already in use by colleges, departments and programs for faculty activity reporting and tenure/promotion review – has been adapted for use in reviewing doctoral students, helping clarify for students where they stand in their progress toward their degree, as well as giving them a tool to input activities and experiences related to their academic goals. Our goal is to help graduate students have a clear understanding of their degree progress, enable greater transparency between students and advisors, increase greater data collection, and discover where students may be running into obstacles.

As a faculty member using this system, you will have a direct link to students’ degree progress, achievements, research information, and more. This will work as a tool you can utilize to best keep yourselves and students informed and on the same page.


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