Mental Health Services for Graduate Students

The Texas A&M Graduate and Professional School knows that mental health is important for academic success. In Nagle Hall, we have a University Health Services licensed mental health counselor who specializes in graduate and professional student issues.  

Graduate and Professional Student Counselor

Dr. Esther W. Wright, a licensed psychologist, is available to work with graduate students in the Graduate and Professional School offices in Nagle Hall. In addition to services like personal counseling and mental health education, Dr. Wright specializes in addressing mental health and wellness concerns unique to graduate students.

Dr. Wright will also hold workshops to provide graduate students with the tools to manage and develop wellness habits and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Students can schedule an appointment or sign up for a workshop through the University Health Services Appointment Portal. The University Health Services online registration process verifies a student’s current enrollment, explains confidentiality and its limits, and gathers information about your concerns. The information obtained is encrypted and secure. The last section of the online enrollment allows a student to select an initial appointment time.

Please note that initial, first-time appointments will be provided through telehealth consultations. You may choose to meet with Dr. Wright or a provider at the Student Services Building next door if their availability works better for you.

For more information, visit the mental health page on the University Health Services website

Mental Health and Wellness Workshops and Events

Each fall and spring semester, Counseling and Mental Health Care offers workshops, sessions and other events designed for graduate and professional students that focus on mental health and wellness. 

See the workshop schedule and enroll!

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