November 2020

Enjoying desserts is a special pleasure. Some like chocolate, while others prefer ice cream. What is your favorite dessert? Our family enjoys fruit pizza.

People want to enjoy science “treats” like they enjoy dessert. People everywhere are hungry for science in bite-size pieces that they can understand, apply, and enjoy. Sometimes people dislike science only because of the way it is visually presented or orally explained. You can be someone who presents science to others in understandable ways.

A pizza sitting on top of a wooden tableDescription automatically generatedCommunicating science is an art and skill needed by researchers, students, professors, and many others at our campus. The public is hungry for science and want to learn many things like how does my rain garden work, what do they do to treat the water I drink, or what do bees do for the food I eat? 

There are many different groups who can benefit from communicating science in simplified ways. Some examples include hunters, house builders, bankers, marketers, orthodontists, teachers, and the list is endless.  There is an enormous potential at TAMU for communicating science.  We have departments from architecture to zoology which produce scientific information in the millions. Sharing this information to people outside scientific circles can benefit diverse audiences and build trust around science. 

Would you like to join this adventure?  Send me an email if you are interested in learning how to communicate science to diverse audiences.      

- Jodie McVane Reisner

Jodie is a doctoral student in the Department of Soil & Crop Sciences.

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