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Montgomery Award Information

Overview: The Montgomery Award is awarded to student leaders making major contributions to the academic and professional opportunities, and quality of life of their fellow graduate and professional students here at Texas A&M. Whether through demonstrated leadership in recognized graduate student groups or service organizations, students must show their dedication to serving Aggie graduate and professional students in addition to excellent academics and scholarship.


History: The Montgomery Award is funded with income from an endowment and in recent years went to the President of the Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG). Since the GPSG President now receives a full graduate assistant stipend with tuition support, the Graduate and Professional School felt it appropriate to present the Montgomery Award to another student leader whose service has also positively impacted the larger Texas A&M graduate and professional student body.


Deadline for Submission: Friday, March 24, 2023 at 5pm CDT. Applicants will be notified 10 business days after the deadline. A link to the InfoReady application will be found on the Montgomery Award website by early March 2023.

Graduate students may self-nominate or be nominated for this award. 

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About the Award

The Montgomery Award is traditionally presented at the GPSG Banquet in late-April. This year, the Banquet will be held Tuesday, April 25th, 2023 from 5pm - 7pn CT. Additional details will be shared with the Awardee with their award notification.

The awardee will receive a:
  • personalized award plaque
  • fellowship in the amount of $1,000 (credited to their TAMU student account)


Requirements consideration by review committee

  • Nominee must be currently enrolled as a full-time graduate student (≥ 9 hours) and in good academic standing (all GPR’s ≥ 3.0).
  • Nominee must be a student leader of a recognized graduate student organization or have served in such capacity in the current or previous academic year; this includes:
    • (University-level) Graduate and Professional Student Government officers (excluding the current President*)
    • Department/organization Representatives to GPSG
    • Leader of other recognized graduate student organization on campus
    • *A member of the GPSG Leadership will serve on the selection committee for this award
NOTE: The graduate student organization must be officially recognized by the Department of Student Activities (StuAct) to be an eligible organization for this award, You can confirm if your organization is recognized here. If your organization is not recognized, we strongly encourage the organization's leadership to start the recognition process with StuAct so it can be eligible for future Awards and Graduate Student Organization Professional Development Innovation Mini-Grants.
  • Evidence of contributions to organizations or events on our campus that have improved the university climate and/or enhanced experiences for large numbers of TAMU graduate and professional students. This includes (but is not limited to):
    • Outstanding service to graduate student organizations (beyond GPSG).
    • Proposing, providing major input to development of, and/or taking a major role in implementing new university-wide events (e.g. academic, professional development, climate/diversity, equity & inclusion) benefitting graduate and professional students.
    • Scope of impact on graduate and professional student body (4-beyond the university; 3-university-wide; 2-college-wide, 1-department/organization-wide)
    • Involvement in regional or national professional societies that provide direct benefit to other Texas A&M graduate students (new events/services/etc.)

Required Information to be Submitted by the Nominator

Applications missing any of these components will not be reviewed

Nominations will be submitted through the InfoReady submission portal. The following information will be requested in the InfoReady application:

  • Nominee’s full name, UIN, TAMU email address, department/college,
  • Nominator’s name and email address (or identify if self-nominating).
  • Names of the graduate student organization(s) the nominee is involved in.
In addition, the following supporting documents will be uploaded (3 separate .pdf files) with the InfoReady application:
  1. Nomination Letter describing how the nominee’s service activities are making, or have made, a major or positive impact on Texas A&M’s graduate and professional student body (≤ 1 page; minimum 12 pt. font). This will be completed by the nominator or the person submitting a self-nomination.
  2. Nominee’s CV including all service activities.
  3. One letter of support from the nominee’s advisor, an administrator or staff person familiar with this nominee’s service efforts, or a graduate student serving as an officer in the graduate student organization for which this student had given outstanding service (≤ 1 page; minimum 12 pt. font). Must be written by somebody other than the nominator.


For questions or more information, please contact the Graduate and Professional School at or at 845-3631.

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