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Mandate to Cover Tuition and Fees for PhD, GATS, GARS, and GALS


Financial Supplementation for Training Grants and External Fellowships 

Faculty, graduate programs and graduate and professional students are strongly encouraged to seek funding from sources external to Texas A&M University. To encourage this activity and amplify its impact, the Graduate and Professional School partners with faculty and graduate programs to provide financial supplementation to cover the cost of training grants and external fellowships that do not provide full-funding packages to awarded PhD graduate students.
  • Financial Supplementation Guidelines
  • Financial Supplementation for Training Grants - Application (coming soon)
    • Application should be submitted by faculty graduate programs and not by individual students.
  • Financial Supplementation for External Fellowships – Application (coming soon)
    • Application should be submitted by the student’s committee chair or graduate advisor. Applications will not be accepted from individual students.

Summer 2021 International GA Insurance Waiver Process Guidelines



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