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The Dr. Dionel E. Avilés '53 and Dr. James E. Johnson '67 Graduate Fellowship Program

Headshot image of Dionel Aviles, in black and white,
Dr. Dionel Avilés ’53
Headshot of James E. Johnson
Dr. James E. Johnson '67

Deadlines for Submission:

Nomination Guidelines and deadlines for the 2023-2024 Avilés-Johnson Fellowship Program will be announced in Fall 2022. 

About the Award

The Dr. Dionel Avilés ’53 and Dr. James Johnson ’67 Graduate Fellowship Program, previously named the Graduate Diversity Excellence Fellowship, seeks to increase diversity in the graduate and professional student population at Texas A&M and support the development of high achieving scholars who show promise of distinguished careers for the benefit of all students.

The Avilés-Johnson Graduate Fellowship Program provides four years of funding for domestic doctoral or two years of funding for domestic students enrolling for the first time in a master’s program.

To be eligible for the Avilés-Johnson Graduate Fellowship Program, prospective students must be nominated by their admitting department. Student self-nominations will not be considered.

For more information about the Avilés-Johnson Fellowship Graduate Fellowship Program or other funding opportunities, visit our Funding Your Education page.

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