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Submitting the ETD (Electronic Thesis/Dissertation)

The student converts the thesis, dissertation, or record of study to a PDF. The student then uploads the PDF file to the Thesis and Dissertation Services ETD Submittal System, Vireo ( The recommended maximum file size is 30 MB. If you have trouble uploading, contact Thesis and Dissertation Services.


To maintain eligibility to graduate in a given semester, students must meet the scheduled deadline for submittal of:
  • The signed Written Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form,
  • The thesis, dissertation, or record of study in final form as a PDF file, and
  • The signed Copyright and Availability form.
This date, along with other dates of interest, is posted on the Graduate and Professional Studies dates and deadlines calendar ( There are no exceptions for late submittal.

Students should only submit in the semester they are intending to graduate. The thesis/dissertation submittal site is shut down for a few weeks after Deadline Day. Students wanting to submit a thesis/dissertation for the next semester may consult the Graduate and Professional School’s dates and deadlines calendar for information about the next semester’s first day for submittal.

Thesis and Dissertation Corrections

Students may make only those corrections required by Thesis and Dissertation Services after the manuscript is submitted electronically. Additional corrections requested by the student, the chair, or other committee members will not be accepted without approval of the Graduate and Professional School.

Thesis and Dissertation Services will contact the student via email after the review of the manuscript. The student will make requested corrections in the original Word (or other) file, convert the revised document to a new PDF file and upload the new PDF to the ETD Submittal System, Vireo.

All corrections must be made promptly and meet the deadlines on the Graduate and Professional Studies calendar ( Graduation will be postponed if corrections are not made on time. (Keep in mind that the Title page must be changed to reflect the correct date of graduation in the event of a graduation postponement to another semester.)

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